Saturday, March 6, 2010

Diva Art Exhibit

Th Fabulous artist, Micheal Sibi Santiago.

Can't wait to hang his collection in my home!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Pinoy Visitors

Great way to start the year, my first (and hopefully not my last) Pinoy friends who went out of their way to visit me here in our beloved Camby.

I'm pretty sure they had fun..although, I think their trip highlight, more than the magnificent Angkor Wat is their great "jeans" find in Tuol Tumpong Market. Girls will be girls, shopping (and fab bargain) trumps rocks anytime!:)

Sa uulitin, Beth and Joyce!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Top 10 Cambodia Highlights

Since April 01, 2009, Cambodia has been a dear friend. Keeping me entertained when I need it and knows when to keep its distance when I need my alone time.

Cambodia has provided for my needs, taught me how to de-clutter my life (very thankful for this). Who needs to watch a movie once a month anyway, and who needs to visit a mall at least 3x a week? :) Hopefully I get to bring this new lifestlye with me, especially since I'll be living in the land of capitalism soon. *dun-dun-dun-dun*

I've learned to be independent, resourceful, patient... I've caught up with the books I've been meaning to read and movies I've been meaning to watch. Simpleng buhay, na marmi ring entertainment value!!!

My top ten list of events I've cherished in 2009 here in Cambodia.

10. House Warming Galore! (Frick, Karen, Oliver -in HCMC).. and even an authentic Khmer Housewarming!

9. Wala lang drinking sessions.

8. Tryst *no-picture* but fantastic experience, kahit na meron nagka swine flu.

7. Mga bisita.. mostly friends of friends.

6. Khmer Wedding!

5. Unilever Win!

4. Staff Party (after Unilever Win) and Christmas party!

3. Boat Ride (and Despedida)

2. All the Birthdays! (Mine, Anne-Marie's, Fricks and Eric's)

1. Paolo's visit (of Course!)

Thank you, Cambodia. Thank you, Lord for the blessings.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thailand Surprise

I'm not sure why I'm still surprised..

In my recent trip to BKK for a little R&R during the water festival, here's what I saw on the paper.

Sa halagang Php 77K, babae ka na- or does it also work for women? Hmm..good question.

BTW, I learned something new.

What is Orchiectomy?

Orchiectomy is the removal of the testicles. The penis and the scrotum, the pouch of skin that holds the testicles, are left intact. An orchiectomy is done to stop most of the body's production of testosterone, which prostate cancer usually needs in order to continue growing.

I honestly didn't know that. So for less than Php 10K, no more et-et? Amazing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to Break the A'tini!

After six and a half months in Cambodia, I feel like I've been here for two years. Not because I know the country like I know my way around Greenbelt 1-5. Well, make that Greenbelt 1-4. Never been around that much to discover Greenbelt 5. Is there really a Greenbelt 5, or was it Glorietta 5? Damn it. I don't even know my Makati malls anymore. Anyway, I don't even know my way around Tuol Tumpong (aka Russian Market). That's about to change soon...

So, a long weekend is coming up (6 days, man, woohoo!) and I plan to know my way around Phnom Phen. I've planned to go to either Bangkok, Pinas and Vietnam and I've decided (for now) to get to know Cambodia better and to catch up on my Damages and Heroes marathon.

Also, I'm planning to do an Asian cuisine marathon. I've tried Khmer food, Khmer-Thai food and their absolutely yummy. Of course I've done Pinoy food here (c/o Bistro Lorenzo) and the ever reliable mother Helen. Oh, I've tried Korean, Malaysian, Chinese and Burmese food too. Hey..parang madami na pala akong na try. I guess that leaves me with Japanese and Vietnamese food in Camby. Wala na bang iba? Singaporean.. I'm kinda iffy to try chili king crab. Oh, I have to try Laos, Indonesian, we'll see!

Off to ride my trusty bike, y'all!

Bring in the tinis!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ugliest Food I've Ever Seen

Warning: Ugly photo ahead. Not for the queasy.

Yucky Duck. Can I hear a kolehiyala eew? (Ew).

Damn right I didn't eat.